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Swamp witch cleansing balm

$20.00 AUD

This cleansing balm has been crafted to provide a deep cleanse of skin and pores while still being gentle and leaving skin feeling hydrated. Yarrow has been slow infused for its abilities to act as a natural astringent while having anti inflammatory (and more) properties that make it helpful to fight acne, sooth irritations while also aiding in balancing and controlling excess oils. Paired alongside nettle for its similar abilities and antioxidants that help protect skin from environmental stressors and properties that sooth skin.
A selection of clays and activated charcoal have also been added to help cleanse, exfoliate and minimise blackheads.

Listing is for one 50ml tin.

HOW TO USE- scoop a small amount and apply to skin then wipe off with a damp cloth. Avoid eye area. Finish off with a toner then serum, or your choice of skincare products.

INGREDIENTS- olea europaea (olive oil) cocos nucifera (coconut oil) yarrow, nettle, pink clay, bentonite clay, vitellaria paradoxa (unrefined Shea butter)euphorbia cerifera (candelilla wax) activated charcoal.

All base/carrier oils used in Three Bear Mountain products are of high quality and are cold pressed and/or organic. All herbs used are always organic while also being homegrown, wildcrafted or supplied by trusted organic growers within Australia. Each product is handmade, natural and vegan.

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