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Herbal sandalwood serum

$20.00 AUD

This luxurious serum has been crafted to rejuvenate dull dry skin as well as target acne breakouts, sooth and smooth skin and aid in promoting an overall clear skin complexion.
Australian sandalwood has been infused for its potential abilities to aid in reducing the appearance of scars, even out skin tone, sooth inflammation caused by breakouts and nourish skin. Calendula, yarrow and hibiscus have also been infused to sooth and hydrate skin, help prevent acne and for their many skin loving properties.
All plant matter has been slow and gently infused in a blend of avocado, hemp and pomegranate oils to create a luxurious lightweight blend that easily penetrates and hydrates the skin.

This product is essential oil free and has a natural aroma.

Listing is for one 30ml bottle with dropper.

To use- apply a few drops to clean skin and gently massage in with clean fingers. Be sure to avoid getting serum into eyes when applying around them. Serum can be used both morning and night.

ingredients - avocado oil, hemp oil, pomegranate oil, Australian sandalwood chips, yarrow blooms, calendula flowers, hibiscus flower.

All base/carrier oils used in Three Bear Mountain products are of high quality and are cold pressed and/or organic. All herbs used are always organic while also being homegrown, sustainable & ethically wildcrafted or supplied by trusted organic growers within Australia. Each product is handmade, natural and made in small batches.

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