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Herbal hug

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A mother’s hug in a mug. Motherwort is the star of this blend, chosen for her abilities to help strengthen without straining and also relax and calm the heart. She also has the ability to stimulate & bring on suppressed or delayed menstruation, especially where there is anxiety and tension involved, calm nervous conditions and quiet overexcited nerves too. She has been blended alongside other herbs to help calm, sooth and relax.

Notes- motherwort can be quite bitter. Honey can be added to sweeten tea.

To make into a tea simply place 1-2 tsp into hot water and steep 5-10 minutes. Strain and drink.

Listing is for one 120ml glass jar with cork stopper.

Ingredients- LEONUS CARDIACA (motherwort) ROSA (rose) MATRICARIA CHAMOMILLA (chamomile) LAVENDULA (lavender)

All herbs are gently dried, stored away from heat and sunlight and packaged fast to avoid sending out old herbs!

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