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Dried motherwort

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Organically grown, gently harvested and dried motherwort.

Made into a tea, motherwort can be used as/for

• as a uterine and heart tonic
• premenstrual symptoms
• to stimulate delayed or suppressed menstruation, especially when anxiety or stress is involved
• excellent tonic for the heart, strengthening without straining especially for rapid heart beat brought on by anxiety
• aiding menopausal changes

To make into a tea simply place 1-2 tsp into hot water and steep 10-15 minutes. Strain and drink. Up to 3 X per day or as needed.

Batch dried & packaged JAN/2021

Listing is for one 25e pouch which is A LOT of teas!

This ENTIRE pouch is also 100% compostable! Simply remove the label and place in your compost bin!

*motherwort not recommended during pregnancy*

All of our herbs are gently dried, stored away from heat and sunlight and packaged fast to avoid sending out old herbs!

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